Catch the latest episode of “30 Minutes with Dan” — An Exciting New Talk Show Hosted by CEO Dan Savitt and Featuring Your VNSNY Colleagues!

We’re pleased to bring you the latest episode of “30 Minutes with Dan” — an exciting new 30-minute video talk show hosted by VNSNY CEO Dan Savitt.  This 30-minute program is designed to be watched in a single sitting or in snatches — whichever works best for you. March is National Social Work Month, National Women’s History Month, and March 10 was Lillian Wald’s birthday. In this brand​-new episode, Dan discusses each of these March events with his featured guests, including VNSNY staff members Leslie DavisEvita BorkoLing-Wai FungMary Kay King, and Maya Seidel.

And as always, Dan also shares an interesting fact about VNSNY, gives a staffer a special “High-5” for a job well done, and takes viewers “Around with Dan” as he heads into the field to talk with staff.

To watch this latest episode, click here below.

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