“30 Minutes with Dan” Celebrates Pride Month and Juneteenth!

We’re pleased to bring you the June episode of “30 Minutes with Dan” — the video talk show hosted by VNSNY’s President and CEO Dan Savitt. This 30-minute monthly program is designed to be watched in one viewing or in multiple viewings — whichever works best for you.

From the historic Stonewall Inn to the Bayard Rustin Residence in Chelsea, Dan travels the city to interview staff from around the organization, including Amery MoultryTalia VaughnArthur FittingDiana SimonsSumayah Woodson-Gaines, and Isaac Lama.

To view, click here below!

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Introducing the “On the Go!” version of “30 Minutes with Dan”. We’ve broken out the June episode — in which Dan celebrates Pride Month and Juneteenth — into short segments so you can watch it on the go!


That’s a Fact 


Around with Dan


Zoom Discussion