August 2021 Patient Letters

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to prove the resilience and dedication of our entire VNSNY staff. The following are excerpts from a few of the many recent letters, phone calls, and emails that we’ve received from grateful patients and family members that reflect an outstanding consumer experience.  

Manhattan— Along with her recent donation to VNSNY, a Manhattan resident sent a touching note about some important care that VNSNY provided to her a half-century ago. “My son, who recently turned 50, was born prematurely,” she wrote. “After his eventual discharge from Bellevue Hospital, we were visited by a VNSNY nurse. Her visit was very comforting and was much appreciated.”

Another Manhattanite expressed his gratitude for Hospice nurse Alfred Sarte, stating how pleasant Alfred is to work with, and “how great he is at what he does.”

“I wanted to take a moment to express my satisfaction with the Home Health Aides who have assisted me over the last couple of weeks: Ann M. Patrice White, Kimberly Anderson, Arlene Flores, Marilyn Melville, and Desrie Bagot,” wrote one Partners in Care client. “They were all very professional, pleasant, and easy to get along with. It was a pleasure to have them helping me, especially with meal prep, tidying up and doing laundry. I would not hesitate recommending Partners in Care to friends— thank you for the assistance!”

Queens— “I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for providing wonderful services and employing amazing staff,” wrote the daughter of a Partners in Care client in an email to Joe Perry, Director for Private Care Services. “I would like to send special thanks to Administrative Supervisor Stella Etuk and Home Health Aide Nelly Toapanta for the amazing work they do in making their clients’ lives and those of their families easier. They are reliable, trustworthy and dependable, all qualities that are hard to come across in one person and organization.” The daughter went on to say, “Having to care for an elderly and ailing parent who has not planned ahead for their old age is a very difficult situation, yet the attention and care that Nelly provides my mom with is genuinely sincere. As you know it is not easy to let a stranger into one’s home, but we don’t see Nelly as a stranger anymore—she feels like a part of the family. As for Stella, she is extremely helpful and thorough in her quality control service follow-ups.” Stella was also praised by another client’s family, who wrote: “Stella addressed an issue immediately, with professionalism and a thoughtful attitude that resounded throughout, and she took personal care in having the right aides assigned for our mother in her remaining days. We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. We are very grateful for that additional care!”

The daughter of a Queens VNSNY Hospice patient called to praise VNSNY for the outstanding compassion of its caregivers. “After dealing with so many agencies and organizations, VNSNY Hospice is such a shining star,” she wrote. “Please tell everyone how grateful we are of everything you all do!”

“My mom is a Partners in Care client, and any time we have had reason to get help with scheduling, have a question, or need any assistance, Home Health Aide Supervisor Claudia Morrison always responds with alacrity,” wrote the daughter of a Queens resident. “She makes everything seem doable, and I have to say we are very grateful for her professionalism and her concern, especially as my mom—now approaching 93—grows older and more challenged. My mother has been a client since 2016, and all these years we feel blessed— primarily because of the terrific daily care, but also because of the kindness and respect delivered by staff like Claudia. So thank you, and keep getting these great people!”

The children of a Partners in Care client wrote a heartfelt letter thanking Home Health Aide Ria Smith for helping to care for their mother in her final days. “Ria’s work ethic, professionalism and gracious care in all that she did was amazing, treating our mom as if she was her own mother, and even looking out for our dad who is 92 years old,” wrote the children. “She was always early and was always attentive during our mom’s final days on earth, and we will always treasure the time she was with us for our mom. Ria’s loving attitude and work ethic will forever be in our minds as the gold standard of home care, and we feel that she has set the highest standard for a Home Health Aide—it will be a challenge for anyone to even come close! We appreciate Ria’s love and support, and we will always remember how comfortable she made our mom feel before she passed.”

Care Coordinator Rosemary Muldoon wrote on behalf of the family of a Partners in Care client to acknowledge the hard work, consistency, and dedication of Personal Care Aides Hildred Noel and Aline Paul. “Hildred and Aline developed a therapeutic environment and a good relationship with the family,” wrote Rosemary. “The client is always well cared for and they are both consistent in their assistance with activities of daily life.”