“30 Minutes With Dan” Celebrates Diversity Month!

We’re pleased to bring you the April episode of “30 Minutes with Dan” — the video talk show hosted by VNSNY’s President and CEO Dan Savitt. This 30-minute monthly program is designed to be watched in one viewing or in multiple viewings — whichever works best for you.

In this episode, Dan salutes National Celebrate Diversity Month with visits to VNSNY’s Chinatown Community Center and to Elmhurst, Queens, which was an epicenter early in the pandemic. Watch as staff from across the organization, including Cidric Trinidad, Orlando Tsang, Manisha Vijayaraghavan, Arcina Batista, Chaim Backman, Emelia Botchway and Sung Yoon, talk with Dan about what makes a community special and the importance of respecting a person’s cultural perspective when delivering care.

To watch this special episode, click here below.

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