The Results Are In — Here Are the Eight VNSNY Impact Challenge Finalists!

The first round of the inaugural VNSNY Impact Challenge is now concluded, and the results have been tremendous! In all, 34 proposals from VNSNY staff were received by the July 16th deadline, including submissions by teams and by individuals. They covered a wide range of potential program launches or enhancements, all aimed at reducing health disparities in the various communities served by VNSNY.

“Along with the rest of VNSNY’s leadership, I want to thank all the staff members who contributed their ideas and efforts to this competition,” says VNSNY President and CEO Dan Savitt, who was part of the review committee. “Every proposal was extremely impressive and well thought out. I can tell you that selecting finalists from this outstanding group was not easy!”

The proposals that did not advance to the finals will continue to be closely evaluated for their potential impact on VNSNY’s operations, adds Catherine Callaway, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Development. “We’ve collected all the great ideas that were submitted and will share them with the leadership teams in the related business areas.”

The eight groups chosen as finalists—six teams, two individuals—will now spend several weeks developing their proposals in greater detail. The proposals will be presented to VNSNY’s Executive Leadership Team and the VNSNY Impact Challenge panel of judges, who will then decide which proposals will be funded and implemented.

Special thanks to the VNSNY Impact Challenge team for all the work they did launching and managing this exciting initiative: John Billeci, Melissa Cambio, Mario De ludicibus, Sam Jackson, Jennifer Lo, Suzette Toussaint, Catherine Callaway and Dan Savitt.

Meet the Finalists

To see the eight proposals that advanced to the final round of the VNSNY Impact Challenge, along with the staff members who developed them, click on the headers below:

Saluting All the VNSNY Impact Challenge Participants

Congratulations to all the VNSNY staff members who submitted proposals for the VNSNY Impact Challenge. To see a list of all staff who participated, click here.