July 2020 CHOICE Commendations

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, VNSNY staff have demonstrated time and time again their ability to rise to the occasion and deliver exceptional service. Recently, CHOICE staff members have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that clients have access to much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE). Here are excerpts from some of the numerous compliments we receive each week from members thanking CHOICE staff for a job well done.

A CHOICE member’s children sent an email thanking CHOICE Clinical Evaluation Manager Natalia Kaminer for the care she provided their mother during their father’s final days. “We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such an advocate of our mother’s care during these difficult times,” the children wrote. “This has been very tough on her and the rest of us. We are all essential workers who need to report to work, and we can’t be home to assist with our mother’s medical needs. Thanks for handling this matter with such care, professionalism and quickness. You truly are an angel sent from heaven— we’re not sure what we would have done without you. Thank you so much for being so efficient and compassionate, Natalia! We appreciate you and your great assistance.”

The daughter of a CHOICE member called to praise the efforts of Member Services Representative Christine Odom in helping her make sense of her father’s heath care options. Overwhelmed with the complexity of insurance guidelines, Christine left the daughter feeling “better educated.” She went on to say that “Christine’s assistance and professional guidance will now lead us in deciding the best care for our father.”

A CHOICE member phoned to “acknowledge the hard work and efforts” of Member Services Representative Renee Ashley, adding that Renee was both kind and helpful in assisting her.

Member Services Representative Justin Morris received a compliment from the son of a CHOICE member for a job well done, praising Justin’s professionalism and quick reaction to his request. “My mom will be 99 years old in July,” he added, “and that’s through the great care that has been provided from the team at VNSNY!”

“You are a beautiful and gracious person,” said the daughter of a CHOICE member, of Member Services Representative Patricia Passione. Feeling overwhelmed with the task of caring for two elderly parents in the middle of the current pandemic, Patricia helped set the daughter’s mind at ease by letting her vent without interruption—approaching her with natural communication and exceptional customer service as she inquired about weekend care options for one of her parents. “The fact that you listened to me made all the difference!” she added.

Member Services Representative Aleydi Malpica received kudos from a Licensed Home Care Services Agency nurse, who called to commend her for a great job.

The daughter of a CHOICE member phoned to praise Member Services Representative Michelle Coley for how well she had handled her call. “The service Michelle provided to me today was enormous—and she displayed compassion while doing so,” said the daughter.

The daughter of a CHOICE MLTC member called to express her gratitude for the efforts of Social Work Care Coordinator Elda Tislin—as well as the Care Management Team and VNSNY CHOICE as a whole—for meeting her mother’s needs and providing care in her final moments. Despite being in a grieving period, the daughter felt it was important to reach out and say: “Thank you from all of us for the care that was rendered.”

Finally, Member Experience Representative Lidia Medina received kudos for a great job handling a call from a CHOICE member, identifying and helping explain all of the member’s issues in an exceptional fashion.

The following commendations are “thank you’s” for the protective facemasks that CHOICE mailed to its members—a mailing that totaled one million masks in all. 

A CHOICE member called to thank Member Services Representative Lyudmila Avtushko and all of VNSNY CHOICE for delivering a package of facemasks, adding that he was “very grateful.”

Another CHOICE member reached out to praise Lyudmila and the rest of CHOICE for “the gift” she received—a box of medical supplies—adding how thankful she was for the attentiveness. “I’m happy to be with VNSNY CHOICE!” said the member.

A CHOICE member called to extend thanks to Member Services Representative Lorraine Flores and the rest of CHOICE. The member was “very happy and appreciative” upon receiving a package of facemasks. Lorraine also received a call from the husband of a CHOICE member, noting how grateful he and his wife were for a shipment of facemasks they received in the mail.

Member Experience Representative Dawn Bazemore received a call from a member praising everyone at CHOICE for a delivery of facemasks. “VNSNY is great and has been awesome to me!” he added.

A member phoned Member Services Representative Sylvia Bonilla to thank VNSNY CHOICE upon receiving a shipment of facemasks, calling it “a pleasant surprise” and adding that she was glad to have them.

Two plan members phoned Member Experience Representative Miriam Yaipen separately to say that they were very grateful for their delivery of masks.

A CHOICE member called Member Services Representative Patricia Baez to say that she was “very grateful for the mask delivery, and for all of VNSNY CHOICE’s services.”

Another member called Member Services Representative Lyudmila Normand to thank VNSNY CHOICE for a shipment of facemasks she received in the mail.

Member Services Representative Eblond Achile received a call from a CHOICE member, offering his thanks and appreciation for a shipment of masks he received in the mail. Another member also called Eblond to thank “everyone at CHOICE very much” for sending him a package of facemasks.

A CHOICE member called Member Services Representative Jacqueline Rodriguez “to send my thanks for the facemasks—VNSNY is always making sure I receive what I need!” A second member called Jacqueline to voice similar appreciation for his mask delivery. “It really means a lot that you care,” he stated.