October 2020 CHOICE Commendations

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, VNSNY staff have demonstrated time and time again their ability to rise to the occasion and deliver exceptional service. Recently, the CHOICE team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that their plan members have access to much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE). Here are excerpts from some of the numerous compliments we receive each week from members thanking CHOICE staff for a job well done.

“We Couldn’t Have Gotten Through This Hard Time Without Our Angel”

The daughter of a CHOICE member emailed to express her gratitude to CHOICE Nurse Care Coordinator Annelisa Purdie for making sense of her mother’s care options and for providing relief to her family. “In April, my 98-year-old mother was admitted to the hospital with coronavirus and pneumonia,” she wrote. “A few days later, the hospital wanted to release her back to her home, or to a nursing home or rehab. My siblings and I were frantic as to how we would care for her upon release—we could not figure out what to do, and were in tears. Then one night I received a call from an angel in the form of Annelisa!” After advising that discharging the patient back to her home would be unsafe, Annelisa explained the benefits of a rehab facility—the option that the patient’s family ended up choosing. “Annelisa helped us make the decision that saved our mom’s life, while giving our family back our sanity,” the daughter added. “At rehab, she received physical and occupational therapy and we even FaceTimed her daily. She was well cared for and was able to come home recently. Annelisa was the voice of reason— taking the emotion out and giving us the information we needed to make our decision. Thank you Annelisa! We could not have gotten through this hard time without our angel.”


The daughter of a VNSNY CHOICE member wrote a message on Twitter commending the work of Member Experience Representative Angel Shen. “I recently got off the phone with Angel, and I wanted to tell you that she was phenomenal!” wrote the daughter. “Angel was extremely helpful in trying to get my mother’s agency approved. It’s been such a difficult journey … juggling work, my baby, my family, and my mom’s deteriorating health. It was good to talk with someone who cares and is committed to helping.”

“Your Guidance Was Impeccable”

“I want to thank you for all of the encouraging words you gave us throughout my beloved husband’s care,” wrote the spouse of a CHOICE MLTC member in an email to Nurse Care Coordinator Dorita Ginzburg. “Your guidance was impeccable, and it made it possible for us to fulfill my mission to keep him at home through the end of his life. It was our privilege to have you as a care coordinator, especially during these challenging times. You are a truly wonderful individual who gives of yourself in exceptional ways every day. Your organization is blessed to have you, and the way you carry out your work captures the essence of a care manager. You are a precious gift to the plan members in your care!”

“You Guys Always Help Me When I Need It!”

Member Services Representative Christine Odom received a call from a CHOICE plan member thanking her for assisting with a medical equipment request. “I love having CHOICE insurance, you guys are the best!” said the member. “I have been a CHOICE member since September 2019, and I can honestly say this is the best insurance plan that I have been with. You guys always help me when I need it! If I know of any elderly person looking for insurance, I will definitely tell them to sign up with VNSNY. Thank you all for all that you do for your members!” Another CHOICE MLTC member commended Christine for her professionalism while resolving a supply issue, adding that Christine “was knowledgeable and went above and beyond” to help her.

“Outstanding Assistance”

The wife of a CHOICE member wrote a letter thanking MLTC Nurse Care Coordinator Vicki Spinola for a job well done in aiding her husband’s transition into a skilled nursing facility. “Vicki has given us outstanding assistance,” she wrote. “I had been experiencing so many different situations regarding my husband and his benefits, and what he was entitled to through VNSNY CHOICE. Vicki explained everything and held my hand all the way until I was able to have my husband placed in a facility today.” The wife added that Vicki was excellent at clearly articulating what needed to be done to get her husband into a facility. “I followed her instructions to the letter and before I knew it, he was in a nursing home that I wanted, which was only five minutes away from his home. Thanks to her for all of the assistance and for caring in ways that help people like me who are unsure of which way to turn. How fortunate I was to have been given such a caring, dedicated and informed worker! Thanks to Vicki, my husband is on the way to assistance that is very much needed.”

“Extremely Thankful”

A member called to praise the work of Member Experience Representative Lidia Medina, noting that he was extremely thankful for “the time, patience, and efforts” that Lidia took to assist him.

“Professional and Knowledgeable”

The daughter of a CHOICE MLTC member called to commend Member Services Representative Danayde Sosa-Reyes for her professionalism in resolving an issue. “Danayde was knowledgeable and went above and beyond!” she stated.

“Exemplary Employee Who Is Not Only Empathetic but Also Very Compassionate”

“I wanted to take time out of my day to make sure that you know how invaluable CHOICE Social Work Care Coordinator Janina Angulo was in helping me navigate the healthcare system in order to help my aunt,” wrote the niece of a CHOICE MLTC plan member. “My aunt is 90 years old and required multiple services for different issues. Not only did Janina help her, but her unwavering tenacity kept me on the right track. She is an exemplary employee who is not only empathetic but also very compassionate, and she went above and beyond even when I couldn’t. I called her my angel. She did her job with passion and total commitment to resolving my issues. God bless her and everyone at VNSNY!”

“Friendly and Caring”

After experiencing trouble obtaining a prescription from her mother’s primary care provider, the daughter of a CHOICE member called to express her appreciation to Member Services Representative Sylvia Bonilla for resolving the issue. The caller added that her interactions with the CHOICE Call Center have always been positive, and that “everyone there is always friendly and caring.” In closing, she thanked Sylvia once more for “definitely striving to be the best for me and my mom.”

“Above and Beyond”

The granddaughter of a CHOICE member called to compliment the work of Member Services Representative Stanley Maldonado, who went “above and beyond” in getting her the assistance she needed.

“Awesome Nurse!”

The daughter of a CHOICE member sent a touching email to CHOICE MLTC Nurse Care Coordinator Maya Cooks following her mother’s passing. “Thank you. God gave me the opportunity to take care of my mother during the pandemic and I’m thankful, but I know she not suffering anymore,” she wrote. “Once again, thank you for helping with mom. You are an awesome nurse! God bless you and family always.”

“Excellent Customer Service”

Medical Management Care Coordinator Pherveen Mahmood received kudos for providing “excellent customer service” to a vendor, and ensuring that all of their inquiries were fully resolved.

“Very Professional”

Member Services Representative Patricia Baez was commended by a CHOICE member for being “very professional” and for executing her request in a timely manner.

“Job Well Done”

Another plan member phoned the CHOICE Call Center to praise Member Services Representative Lorraine Flores on a “job well done’ in guiding her through an appeals process.

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