Philanthropic Foundations Boost Funding for VNSNY Community Support Programs

In 2018, VNSNY’s community programs will continue their innovative work to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable New Yorkers, thanks to sustained, new and expanded funding from a number of New York-based philanthropic foundations—including a $1 million grant from Robin Hood to support VNSNY’s Nurse-Family Partnership in the Bronx.

VNSNY’s NFP program, which serves Nassau County in addition to the Bronx, pairs young, first-time mothers with specially trained nurses, starting in pregnancy. Headed by director Carol Odnoha, the program has proven consistently effective at setting participants and their children on a healthier and more secure life path, and its outcomes are among the best in the national NFP program. “Robin Hood, which is dedicated to fighting poverty, has been a leading funder of our Bronx NFP for years,” says Jacqueline “Jackie” Halpern, VNSNY’s Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations. “We and our clients are immensely grateful that they’ve agreed to step up their support even more.”

The foundation’s increased funding includes a $50,000 pass-through grant from the Joan Ganz Cooney & Holly Peterson Fund. “Robin Hood has the very highest standards for their awardees, and their partnership and support for our NFP program means a great deal to us,” adds Jackie. “Their decision to increase that support demonstrates their firm belief in the program’s ability to produce positive outcomes for these families.”

VNSNY also received three separate grants from the New York Foundation for Eldercare for its 2018 programs, including $75,000 in renewed support for a project that administers free shingles vaccinations to New York City seniors; a new $35,000 grant for a pilot program that will provide health coaches to residents at a naturally occurring retirement community (NORC) in upper Manhattan; and a $15,000 award to VNSNY’s highly regarded hospice program for U.S. military veterans. VNSNY also received a new $15,000 grant from the Jean & Louis Dreyfus Foundation that will help fund senior support services for the neighborhood NORC in Manhattan’s Chinatown district, which VNSNY manages.

Overall, 50 private foundations currently provide funding for VNSNY’s various community programs, ranging from a pediatric initiative providing specialized home care for children with complex medical conditions, to VNSNY Hospice and Palliative Care, where foundation funding supports its Physician Fellowship program, veterans outreach, and end-of-life care to New Yorkers, including those who otherwise would not have access to hospice services.

“From newborns to the oldest New Yorkers, our organization touches the community in so many different ways, whether it involves helping the elderly age in place, connecting people with mental health services, or teaching parenting skills,” says Catherine Callaway, VNSNY’s Vice President for Marketing and Development. “The many foundations that support our programs understand this. Even more importantly, they recognize that these programs are making a significant impact on people’s lives.”