VNSNY Impact Challenge: The 3 Program Categories

The 3 Program Categories
The VNSNY Impact Challenge has three categories as noted below. Contenders can submit as many separate proposals for consideration in each of the different categories as they wish. For example, you could submit three proposals in a single category, or one or more proposals in all three categories. Each contender can either submit proposals individually or as a team. Note that the Request for Proposal (RFP) fund — the total amount budgeted for the programs— is limited to $500K total. Here are the three categories:


Category #1: Program Creation — New Program ($100-300K)
The VNSNY Impact Challenge contender/team will identify and present a community benefit program in which VNSNY is not already active. The program will identify a need that’s based on health care disparities and social determinates of health impacting underserved communities. This innovative program will need to be built from the ground up, including business, operational, financial and leadership plans.
Examples of new programs that were added to VNSNY: the HOPE Program, LGBTQ+ Outreach, Nurse-Family Partnership Alumnae Program


Category #2: Program Enhancement – Add-On to an Existing Program ($25-$150K)
The VNSNY Impact Challenge contender/team will examine an existing VNSNY program and identify a new add-on to it, using any established resources from the current program to leverage this new component, enhancing the reach of this program to better provide services to current or new clients.
Example of an add-on program to an existing VNSNY program: expansion of Veterans Outreach into Home Health Care Program, Hospice Music Therapy


Category #3: Program Seed ideas – Leadership Support towards Exploratory Work (Amount TBD)
The VNSNY Impact Challenge contender/team will explore, research and identify health care disparities among underserved communities, including health status, issues, concerns, resources and assets, that, with the proper funding, could be best addressed and improve health outcomes. Those selected will be directed towards internal resources that can help them fully vet their idea in preparation to submit a full proposal in 2022.
Proposal Instructions
The VNSNY Impact Challenge contender/team will be responsible for:
  • Identifying the demographic area that has high rate of health disparities. (This can be through a neighborhood/region/community assessment.)
  • The program submitted can be focused on one or more of VNSNY’s service areas: the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties; or the focus can be on a particular set of neighborhoods.
  • Applicants should inform their supervisors that they plan to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Letters of Intent (LOI) are due Friday, July 9th, 2021, by 11:59 pm EST.